Wheathills Marquetry Art


We are certainly the curators of our own lives and with each passing season, we unconsciously fill our very being with great times, created with the people we love. In turn our collections grow with tangible treasures, infused with wisps of memories and lingering moments, places and deeds we leave behind year after year, each lovingly passed forward for us to reminisce over, to be remembered by, and for, future generations to enjoy.

This exhibition is a practical interpretation of a fraction of the separate elements and skills, that fuse together to create fantastic memories, through our personal interactions with the things we see; hear, touch, smell and taste, and of course, the relationships we forge with others and the environments we live in and explore. The simple act of participation here will hopefully inspire you to look deeper into the infinite world of the senses and the multiverse of skills we all carry in our hearts, minds and hands.

Nigel Heldreich